Thursday, September 9, 2010

This Silence

By Guest Poet, Susannah Bec

It drips on me

this silence

through the cracks

in my solid ceiling

it seeps

leaving patterns

a tiny tracery

of unspoken words

like delicate fronds

on the cold hard concrete

of today

Time silvered dominos

topple, a tidal wave

of tiny dots


and falling

and falling


once again

the empty room

the silence


© 2010 by Susannah Bec
All Rights Reserved

Photo Credit: © Marilyn Barbone |

Susannah lives in a small village in the middle of the beautiful rolling English countryside with her partner and their three cats. When asked what was the reason she named her blog “Out of My Ocean” she referred back to the main header of her site. “I think the best way to explain the name is to repeat what is written on my blog about it.

 “Words bubble up from the depths of that big subconscious ocean, the vast churning sea that lies beneath the realm of conscious thought. They float on the swells and are rocked by the rhythm of the ever moving waters, until finally they reach the shallows and ride the surf to my shoreline. I find them washed up amongst the flotsam and jetsam, I write them down and store them here . . ."  Read Susannah's complete interview on Poet's United.


Susannah said...

Thanks for featuring me Joyce. It is an honour to appear amongst your wonderful poetry!


Joyce Mason said...

You are so welcome, Susannah. The honor is shared!